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Peter Zummo

Peter Zummo Peter Zummo

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Peter Zummo

Peter Zummo has been composing for solo tombone and ensemble since 1967. He has performed and produced this body of work worldwide and has recorded it for CD, LP, and video release. Critics and colleagues describe him as an important exponent of the American contemporary classical tradition. His compositions include influences of the minimal, jazz, world music, and rock styles. Zummo has devised pioneering ensembles and new instrumental techniques for trombone, valve trombone, dijeridu, euphonium, synthesizer and other electronic instruments, and voice.

In addition, from 1975 to the present, he has performed and recorded the work of many other major contemporary, jazz, popular, and classical composers in New York City, around the United States, and in Europe. Performances for television include Bernard Hoffer's theme for the Newshour with Jim Lehrer, which can be heard nightly, and Late Night with Conan O’Brien, as well as various public television appearances. Zummo's compositions are published by Frog Peak Music. Recorded releases of his work include the LP Zummo With an X, on Loris Records. CDs include Experimenting With Household Chemicals, on XI; Slybersonic Tromosome, on Penumbra; and Downtown Only, on Lovely Music.



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Peter Zummo
Peter Zummo at K&D
Peter Zummo
Peter Zummo at K&D with Yvette Perez
Slybersonic Tromosome Slybersonic Tromosome

To reach the composer:
By telephone: +1-718-720-9369
By physical mail: 184 Daniel Low Terrace, Staten Island, New York 10301 US