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John Trubee

John Trubee John Trubee
John Trubee

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John Trubee

Random Wisdom of John Trubee

Please Refute This!

Copyright 1996 John Trubee

    The following are wise-ass comments, critiques, aphorisms, slogans, observations, and satanic platitudes I invented in the course of my daily life. Virtually all of these items came into my brain at either of my two jobs, and I immediately wrote them down on scrap paper and stuffed them into my back pocket. At the end of each work day I empty the contents of my back pocket into my spare change tray along with petty change, receipts, and other crap. At the end of each week I sift through this effluvia of papers, discarding old 'to do' lists, old grocery lists -- but I save the numerous scabrous witticisms and observations in a folder on my desk/table or in a bottom drawer in my kitchen in which I keep various old and new unpublished antipoetry I have written.

    Today I have decided to gather these scraps together on neatly typed pieces of paper which I plan to xerox and send to friends and acquaintances. I invite well-reasoned rebuttals to my assertions.

    I spend most of my time in my head, letting it wander far afield.

    Nobody is around to tell me that I have gone out of bounds.


Two new drawings
Trubee drawing
Trubee drawing detail
Two old photos
Trubee with mom
Trubee graveyard scene

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