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Don Stewart

Don Stewart Don Stewart
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Don Stewart
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Don Stewart was born in Northern Illinois in 1935, worked in New York for many years, and since 1969 has lived in Vermont. He studied at Indiana University with Roy Harris and Bernhard Heiden, and later with Gunther Schuller at the Manhattan School. He is well known as a clarinettist, and since 1959 he has composed seriously if not voluminously (about one piece a year) and now publishes his own works. His music derives from many of today's trends -- serialism, jazz, etc. -- but to some large degree is also rooted in the procedures of the past.

Don lives in Tunbridge, Vermont. He founded the Trillenium Music Company, offering carefully prepared performing editions of classical and new music using the Score computerized notation system. In 1993 he received the Paul Revere award for Graphic Excellence from the Music Publishers Association.

Representative musical compositions:

To reach the composer: telephone 802-889-3354
By email:
By physical mail: Box 65, Tunbridge, Vermont 05077