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Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith Stephen Smith
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Stephen Smith

Interview RealAudio comments by the composer, 3:24. In RA 14.4.

Stephen Smith says:

I was led to the concept of crop circle music by way of two long time interests, music and paranormal studies. Although I have had no formal musical training and my experience playing live was limited to local garage bands in the 60s and 70s, I am an avid lover of music and sometime composer. The possibilities for music composition increased substantially each time we upgraded our computer, leading me to an interest in computer generated music.

My interest in paranormal events has been an intense lifelong pursuit. In the 1980s I first became aware of the phenomenon known as crop circles and read everything I could get my hands on about them. Again, with the advent of computers and the World Wide Web, my interest level and the information available to me increased radically. This is how I heard of Prof. Gerald Hawkins who I believe was the first person to uncover the presence of diatonic ratios in some crop circle formations. These are the same ratios found in popular music. This led me to search for crop circle formations with enough diatonic ratios to form a scale. To date, I have found three scales; the same three scales used in creating my CD "Crop Song."

I am 47 years old and live in the "purple house" in Shelburne, Vermont, with my wife Carol. I am a decorative house painter by trade and a cyber musician by night.

Stephen J. Smith, the artist who created Crop Circle Music and Crop Circle Techno, died of cancer on July 4th, 2001. He was diagnosed in March and things moved very quickly. I know one of the things he missed a lot was his time communicating through music with all of you. I found all of your email addresses in Stephen's computer and thought I should just let you know. For some of you, he was a music contact, someone who was part of the "play" list, part of the MP3 group; for others he may have shared his music ideas more deeply. Anyway, we are shocked and saddened by his death; I miss him dearly. His music and his other artistic endeavors are lasting tributes to him...I treasure them.

I have attached a link to our "Celebration" page and another to his music web site. I hope you will continue to listen to his music and enjoy it. Best of luck to you all...keep the music flowing.

Album: Stephen's Day, July 8, 2001

Carol Smith

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