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Phillip Silver

Phillip Silver Phillip Silver
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Phillip Silver

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Phillip Silver, an internationally acclaimed chamber musician, is the pianist of the Rachmaninov Trio. The Boston Globe called him "an international collaborative pianist of the first rank," while the Jerusalem Post described him as "a superb accompanist whose work is marked by sensitivity, felicity of style and an inborn musicianship which unerringly directs him to the most appropriate musical gesture."

Phillip studied with Katja Andy and Leonard Shure at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, where he earned the degrees of Bachelor and Master of Music. He also received the degree of Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Washington, Seattle, for his research into the music of Ignaz Moscheles. Along with an substantial number of recordings and broadcasts for national radio in the United States, Britain, Israel, Europe and Scandinavia, Phillip has recorded several Compact Discs with his wife, the cellist Noreen Silver, of 19th Century music for cello and piano for the Koch/ Schwann label. He also appears, as a member of the Rachmaninov Trio, on a Koch/Schwann CD of 20th century piano trios by Russian composers.

Phillip Silver is currently on the faculties of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, and Glasgow University in Glasgow, Scotland.

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The Rachmaninov Trio CD The Rachmaninov Trio with Phillip Silver (left)

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