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Bea Phillips

Bea PhillipsBea Phillips
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Bea Phillips

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Bea Phillips

Bea Phillips grew up in poverty of the Depression years in Bristol, Vermont. She was blessed with a mother, Hazel, and then a grandmother, Lottie, dedicated to having her brood of four grow up to live worthwhile lives. Says Bea, "Her struggle to raise us four and to give us an education is reflected in my music. I cannot let Grandma down! She always said, 'God will provide' and I believe it! The King James Bible rings throughout my composing years."

Bea's composing years began in 1942, and encompasses 68 songs. She has done over 100 tapes, as songs came, to send to the person the song was written for. Half her songs, she reports, are written "only in my head". Using a Yamaha Clavinova in 1990 created better tapes. She says her Sunrise (1988) "was a turning point, a very personal encounter."

Characteristics of her compositions: Strong dance beat, often with "victory" (dot, dot, dot, dash) woven into it; praise and joy; love of life, family, friends, and morning, and encouragement; octave leaps; borrowing into other keys; arpeggios; triplets, coupled with regular eighths; some stride and new age; suites, where one song merges with the next.

Bea Phillips and the children

Bea teaches

Bea says, "My home studio has produced over 100 tapes, done in a desire to share my music. I am now selling tapes called Forty Forté. I love to play piano: at home, at your place, at conventions, on the Love Boat (March 1995), at Mt. Washington Resort (1994), at luncheons, at registration for clubs. Any place!" She continues, "'Enlarge the place of thy tent' directs me this last half of the 1990's decade. Five verbs are prodding me daily! To keep rejoicing in my music! The 1990's ring with success! Grandma and Hazel, you'd be proud!"

Of the Vermont Composers Consortium, she says, "I will always be grateful to my loyal friends at the Vermont Consortium of Composers for giving me such a boost. They listened! They clapped! They taught me much, and I emerge a different person. They let me know I have a unique gift and I should share it. My 'tent' is enlarged, indeed."

Representative musical compositions:

Bea Phillips on Board Bea Phillips on Board

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