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Peggy Madden

Peggy Madden Peggy Madden
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Peggy Madden

Musical Example, Metal Wing/Sculpted Dream (RealAudio 2 format), 2:11
.................... Metal Wing/Sculpted Dream: (TrueSpeech version) (MPEG-2 version)
Musical Example, Blossoms of Eternal Moments (RealAudio 2 format), 2:21
.................... Blossoms of Eternal Moments: (TrueSpeech version) (MPEG-2 version)
Musical Example, Cosmic Chaos (RealAudio 3 stereo format), 1:58
.................... Cosmic Chaos: (RA3/28.8 mono version) (RA2/14.4 version) (TrueSpeech version) (MPEG-2 version)
Musical Example, The Hook (RealAudio 3 stereo format), 2:20
.................... The Hook: (RA3/28.8 mono version)
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Comments by Peggy Madden

Metal Wing/Sculpted Dream is not included in the Windows to the Sky collection. This piece of music falls into the electro-acoustic genre. It is written for solo violin and electronic tape and is intended for live performance in a concert hall setting. The structure of the piece evolved from a dream and much of the source material comes from a metal sculpture, hence the name Metal Wing/Sculpted Dream. The sculpture had a wing shaped section which could be swung across another piece of metal creating eerie, seductive and yet grating sonic material. This sculpture was the muse which inspired this piece.

From: Windows to the Sky

Do I choose to write music, or does the music choose me as a vehicle for its own self-expression? WhenI begin creating a new piece of music, there is no particular formula I follow. A bass line, a melody, the timbre of a particular sound, a dream -- any of these may be a worthy basis for a new composition. I add a part here and a part there. Hardly realizing it is happening, a relationship is formed between myself and the composition. There develops passion, commitment and the desire to resolve inherent problems.

Some pieces present more than their fair share of challenges. Blossoms of Eternal Moments is the musical re-creation of a childhood journey of friendship and loss. Yet the actual experience was benign when compared to the musical one. I spent weeks tuning instruments before reading an article that explained why I was having such a difficult time. It didn't solve the problem, but it alleviated the doubts I was experiencing that my ears were closer to rust than gold.

On the other hand, Windows to the Sky was waiting to be born. The melody flowed effortlessly and merged with what I consider a window to another reality, a stepping back from daily routine.

The Hook, the most experimental piece on the CD, was written for my sister and her family. Every sound you hear in this piece was derived from their spoken words.

As a teenager I had the desire to do exactly what I do now with music. But alas, the computer was just barely being developed, and sequencing and MIDI were still fantasies in the techno-musical mind. So I danced off to the beat of my own erratic drummer, eventually coming full circle to return to this musical path.

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Peggy Madden
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Peggy Madden
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Peggy Madden

Windows to the Sky Windows to the Sky

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