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Maria de Alvear

Maria deAlvear Maria de Alvear
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Maria de Alvear

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Maria de Alvear was born in Madrid. She studied music mainly in Spain and Germany.

Since 1989 she has also been working as a painter and sculptor. Radio stations have published various Hörspiele by her, apart from other concerts and performances in Europe and overseas.

Her main work as a composer is based on the creation of a language that permits every note to be a responsible entity. A composer is a person "Especialista Espiritual".

Her special interest is to recover natural ancient knowledge for the spiritual increase of human life.

Her ritualistic work is an energetic meltingpot for time. Toda mi Música son campos energéticos por los cuales el éspiritu se puede manifestar y nos puede ayudar a tener mas responsabilidad ante la Naturaleza de Ser.

Representative musical compositions:

World Edition World Edition - Maria de Alvear
En Amor Duro En Amor Duro Kalvos's Top 100
Baum Baum
World World
Libertad Libertad
Vagina Vagina
Sexo Sexo
Llena Llena

To reach the composer:
On-line: or
By telephone/fax: +49-221-5107266
By physical mail: Maria de Alvear, Werderstraße 21, D-50672 Köln, Germany