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Cory Carlick

Cory Carlick Cory Carlick

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Cory Carlick

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Cory Alan Carlick

"Good music comes from the heart and the belly. Bad music continues to flow, out the throat and onto the floor. Cardiacs can follow."

A not-very-brief and extremely-monotonous-nonsensical-boring-biography-of-Cory-Al-an-Carlick (hey, that's not a word!)

Cory Alan Carlick is ka-wazy. Well, actually, he's a composer, but everyone here is a composer. So how the heck do I distinguish myself? Hmmm...okay, boring stuff first.

Well, I'm a synthesizer composer (I like to use the term 'synthorchestral'. I'm afraid to compare myself to Vangelis but most people do.) and I am 16 years old, as of 4:12 PM central Time on October 9, 2001, to be sure people won't complain, "Hey! This @#&!!*% bio is out of date!" I got into music a long time ago, and I took a very long time to figure out how to get heard.

So, all this time I'm composing all this weird stuff scaring everyone in the vicinity as going as bonkers as some crazy Victorian composer with the strange orchestrations originating from my synthesizers. Cross-eyed and on the verge of being committed, I concocted my very first listenable album, On/Off. That'll be released January 7, 2002, on my website. Yippers.

The scariest thing is how I got discovered. Well, as a Canuck we have the CBC as our musical culturezone (How a kid like me got into CBC Radio is a long story, ...well, not that long, but still, don't ask. :) and after a long, arduous search on radio shows on about a zillion different search engines, I kept getting booted back to CBC. As soon as my idiocy regained itself, I almost slapped myself, but I didn't. CBC! Why didn't I think of it before?! Well, I tried to find contacts of influential-powers-that-be on the CBC website (but I was too lazy to get off my butt and call to see who'd want to listen to me perform) but I did come across the Two New Hours website, a show in Canada. Did I give them my music? Nooooo...

Instead, I signed up for their discussion list and irritated all the seasoned composers with all my dumb neophyte questions. A few of the folks there had heard some of my music on my website, the stuff that I ad-libbed and made up (spontaneous composition I believe is the technical term) and I got kind comments from a few people on the list. I irritated everyone on the list with my dumb comments, but my music was appreciated and I got a lot of generous suggestions for getting my music heard.

By this time my hard drive was stuffed with about 88 different songs (I think it's about 94 now, I've lost count) and thought I was pretty darn good. Well, while expecting my ego to get shattered, it ended up being bloated by a mysterious stranger, Dennis Bathory-Kitsz of a radio station in Vermont.

"Perform a piece for our show and we'll broadcast it," came the miracle voice. I was wondering who the @#$%!! had slipped a little too many depressants into my glass of water, but then I realized, "Hey, this is real!" So after hyperventilating a little (mild concussion, I think...well not literally :P) I emailed back and it was for real. HHHHHEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYY, COOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! (Heck, they could hear my yell all the way from Europe!!! My relatives in the UK probably put on their earmuffs :)

So suddenly, I find myself booked for a show on the Kalvos & Damian New Music Bazaar. Very cool. Some more intelligent (useful depends on your use of the context :) information about me can be seen on my website, ! Am I done plugging yet?

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