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Gilles Yves Bonneau

Gilles Yves BonneauGilles Yves Bonneau
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Gilles Yves Bonneau
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Gilles Yves Bonneau died on Christmas Day, 2002. We deeply feel his loss.

Gilles Yves Bonneau was born in St. Jean, Québec in 1941, has lived in several countries, and is now a U.S. citizen. Careers for survival income have been numerous (from administrator to laborer), with the consistent focus on composition. Musical studies were pursued in Montréal, Vermont, and Boston's New England Conservatory. To date, he has written some 170 pieces, in many combinations and styles, the body for chamber ensembles and soloists, including also two symphonies and a cantata of epic proportions. Major features of his work are Bach-like counterpoint and French-influenced lyricism, in delicate intimacy and intricacy. He has served as Treasurer and Director of the Consortium of Vermont Composers. Some of his music has reached New Orleans, Seattle, Tokyo, and Europe. He lives in Seattle. His music is published by Westleaf Edition. The composer says that one of his greatest goals is the universal sharing, understanding, and growth from his works.

Representative musical compositions:

Violet in the Woods Violet in the Woods