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James Bohn

James Bohn James Bohn
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James Bohn

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James Bohn

James Bohn

Shortly after graduating with a doctorate in mu[sic] COMPOSiTion from the University of ILLiNOIS[e], James Bohn moved to Normal, Illinois to accept a position at Illinois State University, where he ran the computer labs and web services for the College of Fine Arts. During this time, he proclaimed himself "The Emperor of Normal", a title that remained uncontested for the two years he lived in the home town of Beer Nuts (tm). He has recently moved to Fall River, Massachusetts in order to teach electronic mu[sic] and mu[sic] theory at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth.

His compositions has appeared on four different labels: Capstone, The Experimental Music Studios, Frog Peak and The Media Cafe. His mu[sic] has been performed by a number of friendly performing groups, including: The Bloomington High School Orchestra, The Disposable Art Ensemble, Emergorchestra, The Society for Pleasant Music in the Suburbs, THUMP, and the University of Illinois Chamber Orchestra. He has been COmmissioNed by the University of Illinois School of Music and the Chicago Chapter of the American Composer's Forum. He has given papers on a variety of topics for: The American Musical Instrument Society, The Association for Technology in Music Instruction, and the American Chemical Society.

Like many artists, he has become accustomed to speaking of himself in the third person. His mu[sic] has been described as "provocative and disturbing in quite personal ways". Rather than being roundish, his head has a slim, narrow shape to it.

His shoes, unlike Martin Arnold's

James Bohn

During the fall of 1998, he designed, built, and proceeded to annoy people with "The Plaid Jacket Based MIDI Controller". Subsequently, he used similar hardware to create the "The Dangerphone MIDI Controller", the first Circular Saw Blade based MIDI Controller. The first album [LP] owned by the illustrious Dr. Bohn was "John Denver's Greatest Hits". He also wishes to note that sunshine on his shoulders does indeed make him happy.

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James Bohn James Bohn